Teaching Kids to Love the Earth

Parents have the great responsibility of raising up a future generation. The little babies born today will run our world in a few short decades. We work hard to educate our children, teaching them the ways of our world. We often forget that we are raising the generation of people in whose hands we will entrust our Earth.


This is why it’s important teach kids early on the importance of our planet and to instill in them a love of the environment. It’s never too early to show kids that our world is a resource that is to be respected and taken care of. This is an education that can be as fun as it is fulfilling.


Here is a great list of ideas to give kids a love for their planet:


1) Plant a tree together

2) Visit a recycling plant

3) Take a hike around a local park

4) Visit a farm

5) Wash the car together as a family

6) Plant a vegetable garden

7) Jump in puddles on a rainy day

8) Let them dig in the dirt

9) Start a family compost pile

10) Volunteer at a local nature center

11) Pick fruit from a local orchard

12) Identify the trees in your yard with a tree identification guide

13) Adopt a road or highway near you as a family

14) Take turns sorting your items on recycling day

15) Go camping

16) Get a book on ornithology and identify the birds native to your yard.

17) Play with worms

18) Build a rain barrel

19) Water flowers together

20) Create art with natural substances from your yard: grass, dirt, leaves, flowers, etc.

21) Go geocaching

22) Have a picnic

23) Take a nap outside

24) Lay a blanket down in the evening for a night of stargazing

25) Write a poem or story about nature



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