7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

It’s easy to automatically crank up the air conditioner when the thermometer rises. While it feels good, cooling units eat a lot of energy and aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Consider these 7 ways to cool down naturally before turning up the A/C:


Cool Down Pulse Points

By keeping various pulse points on your body shaded from the sun, the body can naturally cool itself down. Pulse points can be found on the neck, along with wrists, the tops of the feet, inner ankles, inner thighs and the temple on the head. Cover with a scarf or put a cool cloth on any of these points to keep yourself nice and cool.


Plant Trees and Shrubs

It may not be an immediate fix, but planting trees and shrubs strategically around your home can help create shade to cool the house during warm months. Plant them now and reap the benefits later!


Drink Water

Hydration is the body’s natural air conditioner! Make sure you are drinking a lot of water to replace water lost when sweating. Keeping hydrated will help your body keep cool more efficiently.


Go Swimming

Get out of the house for a few hours and take a dip in the pool or lake! It requires no energy consumption from the air conditioner and you get to hang out in the great outdoors!


Chomp On Chilly Treats

Channel your inner child and enjoy popsicles to cool down on hot days!  Cooling down your mouth is a natural way to cool down the rest of your body. Make it healthier by enjoying frozen fresh-picked fruit instead!


Apply Aloe

Applying after-sun aloe vera products can help the body feel cooler. Apply in the morning and at night (even if you haven’t been sunburned – it feels good!).


Run Early

If you want to keep your fitness routine going through the summer months, consider getting those workouts or runs in early. The morning is most cool before 7am. So get up a little early and stay cooler during your workout!

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