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AutoWorldGreenAwardAutoWorld host Bob Long said, “Washdrops has proven itself to be the eco-friendly solution to traditional car washing. Time and time again, Washdrops surprised and delighted my team with its ease of use and gleaming shine.

SingleDad“As my daughters worked in tandem, I began to see a noticeable difference in the shine of my car. The results were great and I think I have found a product to use on the weekends that is both environmentally friendly and eco responsible with our limited supply of water here in Southern California.”

CrazyCouponMomBlog“I have been looking for a “greener” way to wash my car at home and I have finally found it! With Washdrops, you only need one gallon of water to wash your entire vehicle. There is no need to rinse after either, just wipe dry!” — Coupon Crazy Mom 9/14/2014

MrDad“When I was little, washing the car with my dad on hot summer days was often an excuse to spend an hour or two hosing each other (and sometimes the car) off. But today, when everyone’s concerned about conserving resources, wasting all that water is a big no-no,” says Mr. Dad. “With Washdrops, dads and kids can still enjoy quality time together. They’ll be a little drier a lot smarter about the environment, and the car will actually get clean.”

LemonsAndLaughsWashdrops washes the body and all other parts of the car, including the interior! What do you do with the bucket of water and Washdrops when you are done? You can safely dump it in your garden or lawn! Unlike other harsher chemical car cleaners, Washdrops are eco friendly. They are biodegradable, solvent free, butyl free, phosphate free, and ammonia free!