Washdrops Technology FAQ:

What is Washdrops?  Washdrops unique cleaning technology makes car washing not only easy, and economical, but also environmentally-friendly. All you need to do is add Washdrops to one bucket of water (No hose required) and start washing. You don’t even need to pre-rinse! Our experts have created an advanced formula that leaves a gorgeous shine on your car while being eco-friendly and reducing water waste. At just about 70 cents per car, Washdrops also costs significantly less than a commercial car wash.

How does it work?  Washdrops is a rinse-less non-abrasive, lubricating, and anti-static, non-foaming wash that has been scientifically formulated to lift grime and dirt without scratching or taking away surface wax.

Apply the solution of Washdrops and water using a clean sponge one section at a time. Dry each section immediately with a clean towel or chamois to avoid streaking. If a particular area is very dirty, you may want to go over it one more time before drying. Also, rinse your sponge frequently in the bucket when washing. It is as easy as that!

How long will it take for me to wash my car with Washdrops?  The average vehicle takes about 15 minutes to clean using Washdrops. Though we admit that it may take longer if you spend extra time gazing at your fabulously shiny car.

Can I use Washdrops on all the exterior surfaces of my car?  Yes. Washdrops will clean ALL the surfaces of your car from top to bottom. You do not have to stop at your car, either. Washdrops works on boats, airplanes, appliances, outdoor furniture, windows, counters and more!

How much water do I need?  Add one ounce of Washdrops solution (3 caps) to one gallon of water and you’re all set to begin washing your car. Larger vehicles, such as vans, limousines, RV’s, and trucks may require proportionally more water and solution than the average size car.

Washdrops uses much less water than the traditional way of washing cars at home. Just one at-home car wash with a standard running hose could use up to 100 gallons of water in ten minutes. With Washdrops you’ll need about one gallon of water to clean the same vehicle.

Will it scratch my car?  Washdrops will not scratch or harm your vehicle in any way. Instead it will lift dirt and grime, leaving your car with nothing but a gorgeous shine. Just make sure to use a CLEAN sponge and soft towels.

Where is Washdrops made?  Washdrops is made in the U.S.A., in California. We export Washdrops around the world via qualified international Master Distributors.



How can I purchase Washdrops?  Washdrops is available for purchase at washdrops.com, thecequentstore.com and Amazon.com. Washdrops bottles are available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or 1 gallon (up to 128 washes) sizes. Washdrops car wash kits are exclusive to the Cequent Store.

Can you ship outside of the U.S.?  Currently, Washdrops can be shipped directly to consumers only within the United States.

Do you give discounts to non-profits?  We sure do. Use the code “FansSaveNow” for a $2 off coupon on your purchase on the Cequent Store and Washdrops.com exclusively.


Returns and Exchanges:

How do I return the product if I’m not happy?  We believe that Washdrops will knock your socks off. However, if you try our product and are not happy with it, Washdrops can be returned by mail for a full refund within thirty days of the receipt, please refer to our company Return Policy for details.


Wholesale Inquiries:

I want to sell Washdrops in my store. How do I set up a wholesale account?  Terrific! We look forward to hearing from you. All retail inquiries should be sent to mbooyens@cequentgroup.com.


Press & Media:

I want to interview someone about Washdrops.  We would love to chat with you too! Please send your inquiry to mbooyens@cequentgroup.com.

How can I find Washdrops on social media?  You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.